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The architecture, by Robert Foote Shannon, unites the charm, intricacy of detail, and history of centuries past with the spatial invention, materiality, and technological possibilities of the 21st century.


Designing and constructing the man-made environment to be in harmony with the natural environment is not only a technological pursuit, but, more importantly, an aesthetic opportunity. The buildings of A Stone Wall Inn, are designed to interact with the environment in which they are built.  Windows face south for solar heating, and are constructed of local materials to lessen our carbon footprint.  Many materials utilized in the construction are reclaimed from other projects, or built from fallen trees recovered from the grounds.

100% of the profits generated by A Stone Wall Inn are donated to our sister organization, The Fourth Corner Foundation, a 501-c3, non-profit foundation, the Foundation hopes to foster a heightened awareness of the impact of man-made design on the environment, and more importantly, the potential impact of the environment on man-made design.



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